AC power supply PCR-LE2 series


Fixing the Internal Vcc

To minimize loss in the linear amplifier section, the PCR-LE2 Series automatically adjusts the linear amplifier supply voltage (Vcc) to a level that is suitable for the output voltage. Because the response speed of the preregulator (DC power supply) that generates Vcc is slower than that of the linear amplifier, the Vcc voltage is set internally (only when the output voltage is being raised) several hundreds of milliseconds before the voltage output is changed. There will be a time lag before the output voltage is actually changed even when you frequently change the output voltage externally.

You can fix the Vcc voltage of the PCR-LE2 Series. This is useful when you want to prioritize the output voltage response over the product’s efficiency.

Fix the PCR-LE2 Series’ Vcc voltage according to the peak voltage in the output voltage change tests.

When you fix the Vcc, the internal (power) loss increases, so the protection functions may be activated depending on the output voltage (the duration that the voltage is generated for), load conditions, and ambient temperature. Be sure to carry out tests (simulations) in advance, and check how the PCR-LE2 Series operates.

If the Vcc is fixed and the maximum used output voltage is set lower than the peak output voltage, the maximum used output voltage setting is changed to follow the peak output voltage to prevent a malfunction.

Press OTHERS (SHIFT+MEMORY), 1/3 (F6), and then VCC (F1) to set the internal Vcc.







Sets the maximum output voltage that is used (0 Vpk to 431.0 Vpk).

The Vcc voltage is fixed.



The Vcc voltage is set automatically (it is not fixed).


AC power supply PCR-LE2 seriesAC power supply PCR-LE2 series